Thu, Jun 08, 2023

Consulenza e corsi.

Free-lance consultancy for local opening, management, training and full-immersion private courses for immediate operation. After years of working in the field and gaining experience in the world of bars and restaurants, I can offer an important help in addressing those people who want to undertake this profession by opening a restaurant but still have some doubts on all aspects concerning the profession itself.

I also turn to those companies that have more bar staff and who want to perfect the preparation of their collaborators with targeted intensive courses. The help I can offer goes from advice and information on the preparation and preparation of the venue to its management, the petty psychology to use with customers, from the choice of target audience to which to turn to the optimization of the service to offer.

foto per consulenza

In addition to this, it is possible to organize a full-immersion course and internship directly with my client, with on-the-spot learning of all the important operations to carry out in order to be able to exercise this difficult and exciting profession in complete autonomy.
As explained on the home page I have been living and working for some time in Spain, in the center of the Costa del Sol, in Fuengirola to be exact, but I am sure that in three weeks I can put myself in a position to work in any type of restaurant. A study-internship holiday could change the professional life of many young people who want to approach this fantastic profession.