Sat, Jun 10, 2023

Hi everyone, my name is Sergio, I started in my twenties doing my experiences as a waiter for three-four years in high level restaurants. Then, realizing that my place was behind a bar counter, I went to learn the basic rules to be a good bartender of a fantastic world helped by excellent masters that I was lucky enough to meet. Piero, Guido and Italo will remember them forever. Now I am here to explain to you, with my way of seeing, my spectacular experience that lasts a lifetime.

I will repeat many things in the pages but, I am not a professional writer. If you want to contact me for comments, advice, criticisms (if constructive) or questions about the job, do not be afraid to send e-mails, to exchange ideas online.

Here is a photo that serves to see the face of an old-fashioned barman. foto-tessera

My e-mail address is Working times permitting I will reply as soon as possible.  I have been living in Spain for a long time, in the heart of the Costa del Sol, and managing a cocktail bar restaurant, the Trifula, requires a lot of effort but I willingly steal time at work to continue building the site.

PREFACE to the online barman course, and apprentices bartenders and waiters !!

Writing a book is very difficult, I would have liked it a lot, but you have to recognize your limits. The Internet and the WEB with its ability to jump from one page to another helped me and I decided to express thoughts and opinions that I will develop on this site. It will certainly not be a novel, a thriller or a novel that will climb the charts but only an externalization of thoughts and feelings of a person who has done his job with love, for years, and continues to do it. I will not talk about my love life or the few great friendships, this is not the right place. What you want to read has the ultimate goal of being able to express everything I feel in spending hours and hours behind a bar counter. I hope it will interest at least people who like me love their barman profession and who want to approach this difficult but fantastic job. For more info see also

and this  foto cocktail Dry Martini and friends photo cocktail Dry Martini and friends

Below is a summary of my life in pictures.