Sun, Jun 04, 2023

¡¡ How the barman should be !! barmaid

As with many other professions, the professional must have an excellent product and service knowledge, an important practical experience and a positive personality to develop his style at best. With knowledge and practice, safety is obtained which is decisive for the purposes of the job. Security allows a precise and polite service. Personal care is very important for the good development of the above conditions. Last but not least is a small dose of theatricality and direction of operations that do not spoil for a small scenic effect during work.barman

The job is not just to serve drinks with precision and speed. The knowledge of all the products allows us to offer customers the most suitable product at the time and the customer who requests it. But the professional must also take care of keeping under control the supplies, the freshness of the products used, the preparations according to the types of service (mise en place for breakfast, aperitif, after dinner or night service). the phases of the day require a huge amount of work but it is necessary that everything is in the right place and in perfect condition for a quick and precise job. The concept of the workplace can be seen on the dedicated page Prepare the workplace

A very important thing, not to be forgotten, the barman must take care of respecting and enforcing his staff all the hygienic-sanitary rules for a complete satisfaction of his customers. Another important fact that unfortunately cannot be chosen would be to have the good fortune to meet a good teacher who will teach you to eat "bread and onion" many times to teach you well, but then you will remember your whole life positively. I sincerely hope to meet him who has chosen this path full of sacrifices but also many satisfactions. The uniform is at the discretion of the managerial choices of the workplace, in the absence of this, it goes from the jacket and tie for the man with dark trousers, black or blue socks and dark shoes to a more informal open shirt but always with trousers serious. The same applies to women. Very little perfume, maybe some deodorant. We work closely with people, it is always better to avoid unpleasant smells. Always carry a corkscrew, one or two ballpoint pens and a lighter but not cigarettes in your breast pocket.

Attitude is however one of the most important things. Be positive, cheerful, cheerful and this will be your best business card with customers and colleagues. The problems - who has none? - must be left at home. It is said "... that nobody is so poor that they cannot give a smile ...."; those who come to spend some time in the restaurant, like to relax and be surrounded by people who are working - but with serenity ...follows...avatar