Sat, Jun 10, 2023

The preparation of the bar counter.

To perform our "theater piece" in the best way, we need the scenography to be assembled at its best, just like a pilot needs his fireball tuned to perfection. Hence, every now and then we need deep cleaning that normally follows the change of seasons or the amount of work that develops at different times of the year. I found myself doing the deep cleaning and I took the opportunity to explain with the videos, especially to the beginners, the steps to follow for a correct setting up of the bar counter. It is clear that you cannot always have a space counter at your disposal and therefore, many times, you need to be able to adapt and organize the workplace as rational as possible but at the same time comfortable. In this case I do not have large spaces, the bench is small but with a little experience and imagination you can follow the basic rules of the set-up. I am right-handed and I have logically prepared everything for my use, left-handers must try to adapt some solutions more suited to their way of acting. For me, always being able to spend the rest day cleaning and tidying up the bar counter creates so much pleasure for me that it is equivalent, for the majority of people, to washing the car, long dreamed of and bought recently. Having personal and customer certainty that everything has been cleaned and washed, that even the scent can be noticed in the air, is an injection of self-esteem that loads you and makes you feel proud of the customers themselves. You know perfectly well that you are offering the best of yourself, no one can know but cleanliness, order and a few touches of fantasy come suffer unconsciously and they are assimilated very positively by people. In the video, there are the various steps. Let's see them together:

foto banco

The bench is completely bare. Already dismantled and cleaned up, ready for preparation.

Step 2 - An old or no longer usable tablecloth is placed on the bottom to cushion and muffle the noises of the blows, to this will be added a more beautiful tablecloth to cover and make the bottom pleasant and silent as per Step 3.

In Step 4 we begin to put all the utensils that we use more rarely but always at hand and one or two large cutting boards for the preparation of drinks and garnishes. The preparation of the drinks should be done on a large napkin and the cutting board should only be used for garnishing but, I who have learned the job in stressful situations (disco etc.) prefer it this way, because if a few drops fall, it is enough on the cutting board a pass with the sponge. The napkin would always be wet and should be changed many times.

In Passo 5we put all the menages and tastes in position menages comfortable and not disturbing. The plastic bottles for food that are used for a high consumption of fruit or citrus juices, are also excellent for normal brown sugar (brown and white (refined). Our white sugar (beet) has a more neutral taste.

In Step 6 you can see the position of all the tools at hand, the Boston shakers are on a saucer as there is not always time to wash them during work. The glass mixing-glass, after use, is then placed on the saucer and the steel glass inserted inside. The tablecloth will not get dirty banco preparato In moments under pressure it is good practice to have many shakers available and use them for the distinct groups of cocktails. We will thus have one that will be used for drinks with milk or cream, one for citrus fruit blends, one for cocktails with transparent alcoholic ingredients etc. They will all wash at the end of the work session. During the work, a rinse under water will suffice. I will give you an example; if I have prepared a Mary Pickford and I have to prepare a Bronx, I drain the Boston well but I don't wash it. Some imperceptible residue of the Mary Pickford cocktail will add a special touch in the scent and flavor of the Bronx. Try it too and you will tell me.

In Step 7 you will see that I added on the left of the counter a small work surface useful for foto banco preparato complete the cocktail by pouring it into the appropriate glass. I do not like to prepare drinks too close to the customer sitting at the counter, in a hurry a clumsy movement could stain our guest's clothes with further loss of time and embarrassing situations.

If the video can clear up some doubts, offer me an aperitif,

I would be grateful to you !!


And to close a daytime view of the counter.