Tue, Dec 05, 2023

LET'S START !! From here I really start talking about simple psychology and work philosophy, those things that sometimes help you to get out of almost blind alleys and help you get to know people.foto guarnizione

For many, unfortunately, being behind a counter and being a bartender or "barman" is the simplest and most profitable thing. Over the course of time I have seen people who until the previous day were doing other jobs and have opened bars or restaurants out of the blue. To some it went well because it was something innate that helped them make up for the lack of experience, to others, unfortunately not, and I am not happy about it; but for this work, like all the others, dedication and learning of rules that are the basis of the success of the operation are needed. I can't think of starting to work as an electrician or carpenter or plumber or bricklayer tomorrow morning without having done some apprenticeships first; the famous mess tin.

I have a plumber friend (Rino) who only fascinates you when you watch him work. When I told him how interesting it was to see him at work he replied with: "... but I'm just connecting some pipes .... !!!." The answer sums up the love and passion for their work. all, for example, that brick, lime and cement are needed to build houses. But I ask myself: why are there better masons than others? The rules of construction are strict and must be respected in order not to do damage, but if a person who loves his work adds what he wants to express, he will surely get a better result. I had a very good waitress who decided to learn how to make cocktails; he was doing it well as well as the other things in the job he had to do. Rum-cola, gin-tonic etc., perfect. One evening, some customers - friends asked her to prepare some caipiriña *. One also for me to test his degree of learning. He prepared them perfectly, without smudging and with confidence. The caipiriña themselves were perfect. Pleasant taste from the first sip, balanced in cachaça, lime and sugar. A perfect drink for the right price. The customers were fully satisfied. The maid then privately asked me for my opinion. I replied: "... perfect, soulless caipiriña" Even if she was a person that everyone would have wanted, in that period, in their room as a waitress, it was not, for her, the most sought-after profession; during the preparation of the caipiriña she had failed to convey to the customers her enjoyment in preparing the drinks. The soul was missing! In the following evenings, the same customers continued to drink caipiriña but, although the waitress was very attractive, they liked if I prepared the drinks. Then of course, with drinks at the table, they entertained themselves to chat more willingly with her than with me.

 This is why I love the counter, where there is a direct customer - barman contact. By being close to the customer, it is also possible to convey the pleasure that is felt in preparing the required drinks and this helps to make the drinks taste better. Spending many years on a bar platform helps to understand customers but also helps to understand themselves.

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