Wed, Jun 22, 2022

....customers, our friends. cliente

Those who decide to enter a room must, first of all, receive gratitude from those who work in the room itself. Whatever the barman is doing, he will have to say goodbye in a tone that is not high , but noticeable, this means that those who are entering, unconsciously, are thinking they have done well. The reasons for entering a club are; a little appetite, the desire for a drink, a break from work or to enjoy a moment of relaxation in company. Whatever the motivation listed or not, it will be the job of the employees to satisfy these expectations with the products, the service and most important things, personality and grace. If the barman is busy, sentences like "... a minute and I am with her ..." will give the idea of our attention towards her. If he is free, he will recommend the table by offering the price lists or menus, leaving the customer time to acclimatise. Remember that a smile opens many doors. A positive and willing attitude is essential for the success of the service. When ordering, phrases like "... what do you drink? ..." or "..what do you take? .." are to be avoided, preferable and with a certain style "... what can we prepare for you?" or "... what would you like me to prepare for you?". The barman must put himself on the plan of the landlord who has invited friends, so he will try to make them always feel at ease. Never ever that air of superiority (which unfortunately I have seen many times) by the barman who thinks he knows everything. Be careful, however, not to exceed the opposite. The barman is doing his job in exchange for a salary but he is not anyone's servant. Helpful towards customers but not servile. Nowadays it would make it ridiculous even if these days, the need for a job sometimes leads to accepting truly despicable job orders. Quick, prompt preparation and precise service will complete the operation. Those who really like this job, returning to the counter after serving customers will feel proud of themselves (it must not transpire), and the nice thing is that this happens many times throughout the day.

For the service it is useful to follow the rules of catering, always (if possible) from the right and not touching the glasses in their upper part. We are not sure we always have perfectly clean hands. We must always remember that we are on stage and the customer (even if it does not seem) notices everything that is being done. Theater actors are not allowed mistakes; must be "good first".

Another thing, when we are customers somewhere, we are pleased to receive the same attention that we are giving to our "guests". Imagine how we would like to be served and operate in the same way. Always talking about a serious and rigorous service, it will surely be well received and we will have left a very positive sign.