Sat, Jun 10, 2023

foto cocktail

Hello everyone ! After the summer break due to the amount of work in my restaurant, I went back to continuing with the site.

In this sense, I have prepared new videos on classic and somewhat forgotten cocktails which are, in my opinion, important foundations for starting to learn this fantastic profession. Caipirina and Bacardi-cocktail, Stinger-e-Sidecar you will logically find them on the page dedicated to them and completely free like everyone else. The only videos I ask for a small contribution (solo € 1,99)   they are Dry Martini cocktail and Manhattan cocktail, the pillars of mixed drinking.

If you think you like my job, as I also say in the pages, offer me a glass of wine with a small donation, every now and then a sip is needed to take strength and continue this nice adventure of mine; I would be really grateful to you !!

Old barman