Mon, Jun 05, 2023

Evaluation of some forms of the most used glasses.

Among the various equipment, the various types of glasses are very important for various reasons. All drinks normally require their categories of glasses to be served, if then the container used is not suitable for the drink served, customer expectations are not met.

A Martini cocktail served in a low tumbler, almost certainly, it will not even be drunk by the client who has realized that he is not dealing with a professional. Let's start step by step.First of all we will always check the degree of cleanliness of the glass, no marked fingerprints (the CSI of Las Vegas would go to the wedding), absolutely no residue of lipstick around the edges which, by the way, is very difficult to remove. After this we will take care of being able to serve it at room temperature instead of just leaving the dishwasher as the sudden change in temperature could cause the glass to break.For certain types of drinks it would be nice to have fresh glasses available but hardly, with the new space requirements, it will be possible to occupy a refrigerator for this use.

Now let's see the different types.Foto bicchieri As you can see the first on the right is a classic glass of fairly young red wines, in the center we have the one for white wines and on the left a large glass for "coladas" and long drinks. The latter seen the capacity also lends itself to important decorations. As you can see the photos I took in my cocktails-bar restaurant, they are not technically valid but they are simply "sincere". In the following photo you can see on the right two different sizes of glasses for beer or for long drinks, highballs, fruit mixes etc. On the left two measures, also different in type Tall tumbler(chiamato anche Delmonico dal nome del famoso locale di New York che ne lanciò la moda) adatti ai Collins, Fizz, Coolers e i classici rum-cola, gin tonic ecc.foto bicchieri You will like some of these glasses more than others and if you have the opportunity, get the ones you prefer; during the service you will feel comfortable and the customer will undergo unconsciously and positively this your being satisfied with the nice service.

Now in the photo below on the right you can see four different low Tumblers also called Old fashioned, suitable for smooth spirits or with ice, quite alcoholic cocktails such as Negroni or Old fashiond precisely.tumbler bassi

Also suitable for low-alcohol and informal aperitifs such as Spritz or Americano. Very suitable for serving a vermouth with ice or one of the various aperitifs in bottles such as Campari-soda, Sanbitter or the historic Crodino. shot o chupitos Here on the left in different shapes and capacities the glasses called here in Spain (where I live) chupito, to serve mini quantities of smooth spirits.

Below is a photo of three classic glasses that cannot be missing in a bar. The first from the right is a tastevin which is used for tasting wines, spirits and spirits. They are also excellent for sipping whiskey or aged rum.

tipi di bicchieriThe central is a must for a perfect Irish coffee and on the left the inevitable double cocktail cup for all the classics such as Manhattan, Rob roy, White lady etc.

foto bicchiere coppetta martini

Similar but smaller is the Martini cup for the famous blend of the same name and for others with a high alcohol content.

In conclusion you can see the flûte, the first on the left, for champagne, a classic method

foto bicchieri flute e cocktail margarita Italian and sparkling wines in general. To the right of the flûte we find the cup commonly called sombrero, which lends itself very well to frozen blends such as Margarita or Daiquiri.

Below I inserted a video with a rundown of the glasses seen above.