Thu, Jun 08, 2023

.... we talked about the work and, sure, there are many to do at the same time, like listening to a customer while drying the glasses or cleaning the barely soiled work area for the preparation of the drink. It is certain that the more precise and organized you are in the various preparations, the less the work area will get dirty. But this comes with time.caffe-con-cuore

The responsibility of one or several bar counters also presupposes a complete knowledge of the relevant laws in order to respect them and make them respected by collaborators and sometimes also by customers. It is very important to know the legislation of the nation where you work to be careful in serving alcoholic beverages. The administration of alcohol to Jewish people can give rise to unpleasant drawbacks that can ruin the atmosphere of the room. A good rule to follow is prevention better than cure.When tact and diplomacy do not serve alcohol to people who can create problems, we must not think that we have lost a sale but, we can say that we have acquired trust and consent from the other people present in the room. However, I will deal with this in a separate section.

Another important component is teamwork, it is said that if you are not serving customers, you are serving your fellow workers; they will be grateful to you and will always return the favor. Always be positive, do not always reproach others for imperfections, also point out to them the things they have done well and this will increase their self-esteem and also their esteem for you by considering you a balanced person in judgments.

Much attention is to be paid to handling money. Whoever is responsible for this task must be careful from the moment of receiving the money to the delivery of any remainder to the customer. Cashier movements must be perfect with no more or less burrs. Each type of venue has its own forms of management which must be learned very carefully.
We will always have to try to improve as no one can say they know everything, even after years of work and experience. Also useful is an aid for the improvement of collaborators that will certainly benefit the club.