Wed, Jun 07, 2023

How to use the shakershakerataShakerare,

(Italianized verb not correct born from the English noun shaker, however, usually used in speech)

It is well known that shaking, or rather, cooling a mixed preparation quickly, is first of all absolutely personal.

Each barman follows his style, his character and the shape that best suits him

but it must still respect some fundamental rules.

The ingredients mixed with ice must cool quickly moving from one end of the shaker to the other but without being watered down, which would make the drink truly unpleasant.

In this video I will explain my personal way of using boston but also for one continental shaker the same small but important rules apply.


If the video can clear up some doubts, offer me an aperitif, I would be grateful !!

Come-shakerare.ogv Come-shakerare.webm